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Shell Hoist Rust 1870





Contributor Name Spitbank Fort
Contributor Image Nealeweb_jpg_copy.jpg

Location Solent - one mile out to sea
Collection Date 11.09.08 2.55pm
Artefact Name Shell Hoist Rust
Artefact Description Shell Hoist with deteriorating cast iron. Crank handle for lifting shells. 1ft x 1ft
Artefact Date 1870
Artefact Stored In original location
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00163_Shell_hoist_rs.jpg
Sample Taken rust
Sample Image

History of Artefact This was used for hoisting shells - 800 pounds in weight and was built as part of the original fabrication of the fort. The shells were used for one of the nine guns. There is only one left and it is in poor condition.
The shell hoist is located next to an installed tube used for the soldiers to shout through to call for a shell when needed. The tube went up to the gun deck by each gun.
Historian Neale Brickwood
Previous Owners Ministry of Defence
Special Memories

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