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Marble Core 1860



Contributor Name Spitbank Fort
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Location Solent - one mile out to sea
Collection Date 11.09.08
Artefact Name Marble Core
Artefact Description The sample is a piece of granite from the original structure of the Fort. It is a core sample.
Artefact Date 1860
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Sample Taken Lump of granite
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History of Artefact The granite would have been from Wales or Cornwall. All of the outside structure of the Fort is made from this granite. The blocks of granite were cut and shaped at Stokes Bay. They were then brought by two steam barges to a crane at the Fort that picked them up and lowered them into position. They were placed in their final position by divers. This may have been the first commercial use of the brass diving helmet and equipment. The building of the Fort started in 1860 and it was completed in 1878.
Historian Neale Brickwood
Previous Owners Ministry of Defence
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