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Two African Carvings 1988





Contributor Name Joy Okwuadigbo
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Location Havant
Collection Date 21.09.08 3.48pm
Artefact Name Two African Carvings
Artefact Description From Nigeria. Male head and female head.
Good condition.
Made of oak. 28 x 10cm
Artefact Date 1988
Artefact Stored On mantelpiece in living room
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00169webjpg.jpg
Sample Taken no sample
Sample Image

History of Artefact Originally came from Benni in Western Nigeria. The female shows traditional African braided hair – her ears are covered by the braid. The male has traditional, short hair.
‘My husband bought them as a gift for me from Muritola Mohammed airport, Lagos in Nigeria. These can be bought at local markets and shops. They are very traditional in the area. Those who make them sell them from their houses too. The tradition of making figurative carvings goes back thousands of years. The wood comes from local forests. Bowls, forks and spoons are also made from the remnants.’

Previous Owners None
Special Memories ‘Daddy was coming home from sea – my husband was in the merchant navy for years. We had had our children by this point and this visit home meant that we were going to be together as a family. My children named the carvings ‘mummy and daddy’ My children used to play with them – my son used to make them kiss!’.
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