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Five photographs C.1885






Contributor Name Katayoun Dowlatshahi
Contributor Image katayoun.jpg
Profession Artist
Location Southsea
Collection Date 13.12.08 11.53am
Artefact Name Five photographs
Artefact Description Four photographs are chemical toned with a red tint. One photograph is black and white.
Each photograph measure 16.6cm x 12cm
Artefact Date C.1885
Artefact Stored Grandmother’s chest, sitting room
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00180_lw.jpg
Sample Taken Paper slither from clock photo
Sample Image

History of Artefact Photo 1 – The Long-Case Clock. Silver dial and moon phase clock. Set in front of wallpaper with foliage design. Generous skirting board pictured. The clock would date from approximately 1770.
Photo 2 – Gawsworth Church. Perpendicular style. It is either Victorian reproduction or could be a fifteenth century original. There is a reflection of the church in the pond.
Photo 3 – Bob Hamson with his dog. He was Katayoun’s great-grandfather’s brother. Wearing a boater with a stiff collar and knee gaiters. Middle-class.
Photo 4 – Mechanical Hay-Cutter. Two horses driven by a man seated on the cutter. He is wearing classic, typical labourer’s clothing.
Photo 5 – Eight farm-workers – all but one in their shirt sleeves and waistcoats. Wearing a mixture of hats and caps. The oldest man is holding a galvanised can of milk.
Historian John Stedman, Rosalinda Hardiman
Previous Owners Edward Hamson, Joan Gordon nee. Hamson
Special Memories ‘I have no personal association with any of the photos. I know that my grandmother loved them so I treasure them.’
Artwork Image 00180_web.jpg


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