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Teddy Bear 1920






Contributor Name Heather Todd
Contributor Image heather_p.jpg

Location Southsea
Collection Date 13.12.08 1.20pm
Artefact Name Teddy Bear
Artefact Description Fair condition.
Golden synthetic. 75cm long. One eyed! Wearing a green scarf with dark brown paws.
Artefact Date 1920
Artefact Stored On top of wardrobe in bedroom
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00185teddybear_b.jpg
Sample Taken Fur from lower-right thigh.
Sample Image

History of Artefact ‘She was originally called ‘Honey’. When she lost an eye I re-named her ‘Nell’ – short for Nelson!
She used to belong to my auntie, my dad used to kick her around when he was a little boy. I’ve had the bear since I was two – I was smaller than the bear when I was given it.’
‘The scarf belonged to my best friend’s grandmother ‘Oonie’ who died about six or seven years ago aged 97.’
‘It is a large teddy and would have been expensive at the time - it could be a 1920s bear. It has jointed arms – a quality bear! She is quite stiff to retain her shape. ’ Historians
Historian John Stedman, Rosalinda Hardiman
Previous Owners Auntie Marion
Special Memories ‘It was always been on my bed – up until being a teenager. When I was a punk it was on my bed. My friends were sat on my bed saying ‘kill the teddy’ and that’s how she lost her eye. I was very cross.’
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I was really surprised and pleased when I saw the heart when analysing the fragment under the laser microscope. Seemed appropriate somehow!!

-- Seran Kubisa - 22 Sep 2009


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