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Collection of Photographs 1941





Contributor Name John Dixon
Contributor Image 00193_mr_dixon_wb.jpg

Location Paulsgrove
Collection Date 04.03.09 1.06pm
Artefact Name Collection of Photographs
Artefact Description Three black and white / sepia photographs. Fair condition.
Artefact Date 1941
Artefact Stored In an album in hallway
Artefact Form

Artefact Image John_Dixon_photos.jpg
Sample Taken Scrap of paper from photo (a) bottom left corner
Sample Image

History of Artefact Photograph a - Mr Dixon and his fiancé (Eva) – 1942. 18.5 x 13cm. The photograph was taken in Chatsworth Avenue in Cosham. It shows Mr Dixon on leave from the army.
Photograph b - Gun. 1941 The picture shows a 3.7 anti-aircraft gun. It has fired too many shells and has seen better days!
Photograph c - Mr Dixon and Friends. March 1941. The picture shows the Number 2 Gun Crew / 219 Anti-aircraft Battery. 'I served with them for just over four years. We were based all over. Our job was to defend the Port and Portsmouth.' (Mr Dixon is second on the middle row.)
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners None
Special Memories ‘I met my wife in 1941 and we were married on 3rd April in 1943. I called her Eve. We were together for fifty-six years. I was stationed on Foulness Island, Essex, by the Thames. We met this side of Ports Bridge at the Ports Bridge Arms. I was with a group of chaps and she had a puncture in her tyre. I took her home and looked after her. It was pitch-black and she was scared of all the shrapnel falling. She always dressed well with matching shoes and handbags – she would even buy paint to change the colour of her shoes if they didn't match!’
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I'm proud to say that's my Mum and Dad. I'm writing from Prince Edward Island in Canada where I now live with my family. I have copies of those photos and a whole bunch more that show what life was like during wartime England before I was born in 1945......... Al Dixon

-- Alan Dixon - 18 Mar 2009

i enjoyed your Fathers contribution, he is a very interesting man. Please feel free to add on any more memories that the pictures spark off for you! Or any other memories of Portsmouth that you may have.

Good to see you logging in from Canada!

-- Seran Kubisa - 19 Mar 2009


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