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Lovers' Knot Broach 1860





Contributor Name Brenda Ashdown
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Location Fareham
Collection Date 04.03.09 3.34pm
Artefact Name Lovers' Knot Broach
Artefact Description The broach is made from an oval silver tube with an engraved floral pattern. Across the broach there is a semi-precious stone – marmalade and white surrounded by two inter-twined loops and two crescents. There is no hallmark on the reverse. 5 x 4.1 x 2.6cm
Artefact Date 1860
Artefact Stored In a little box, in a jewellery case under my bed
Artefact Form

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Sample Taken No sample
Sample Image

History of Artefact It belonged to Brenda’s grandmother who had fourteen children. They lived in Halnacker, near Chichester in West Sussex.

‘She would have been born around 1840 and possibly married around 1860. The object is typical of the time. It is Victorian jewellery – which would be bold to make a statement. It could have been made abroad because it isn’t hall-marked. It would have been worn on a shawl over crinoline. You would have to be quite wealthy to afford a coat at the time.’ Historian

‘My father gave it to me when I was about sixteen or seventeen.’
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners My grandmother, then my father
Special Memories ‘I wish I’d known my grandparents because I never did. My father lived until he was ninety-six.’
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