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Iron Rust 1908





Contributor Name South Parade Pier
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Location Southsea
Collection Date 18.05.09 3.15pm
Artefact Name Iron Rust
Artefact Description Iron rust flakes from the main girder of the Pier approximately 12ft long.
Fair condition.
Artefact Date 1908
Artefact Stored Under the Pier
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00201_w.jpg
Sample Taken Iron flakes from main girder
Sample Image

History of Artefact The main girder is the main support beam. There are about 400 in total, all 12ft long.
South Parade Pier was originally constructed in 1879 and was traditionally a wooden pier with a jetty for steamboats. The Pier burnt down on the 19th July 1904 and was re-opened on the 12th August 1908. The cost to re-build the Pier with a new concrete deck was £85,000 and employed 1500 workers. The Pier was an integral part of Portsmouth life with live entertainment in its theatre and outside under the Pavilion. In the Summer of 1974 during the filming of the film ‘Tommy’ the Pier caught fire and was completely destroyed, leaving only a burnt shell. The building today was built in 1975 and features the Gaiety Suite and Albert Bar. The Pier has become a landmark for the people of Portsmouth.
Historian James Fyfield
Previous Owners Portsmouth City Council
Special Memories The Pier was sold to Leisure Parks who now own six piers (three in Blackpool, one in Eastbourne and one in LLandudno).
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