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West-side Turret 1908





Contributor Name South Parade Pier
Contributor Image pier_manager.jpg

Location Southsea
Collection Date 18.05.09 3.35pm
Artefact Name West-side Turret
Artefact Description Wood and paint layers from the west-side Turret at the entrance to the Pier. The Turret is approx. 20ft high and the diametre is approx. 8ft.
Artefact Date 1908
Artefact Stored Front of the Pier - the entrance
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00203_w.jpg
Sample Taken Wood / paint layers from right Turret
Sample Image

History of Artefact It is the only part of the Pier that is Grade Two Listed. It is the original part of the Pier that did not burn down. The Turret has three windows and a lead roof and this part of the Pier houses shops / stalls at the current time.
Historian James Fyfield
Previous Owners Portsmouth City Council
Special Memories

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