African Women's Forum - September 2008

18 Feb 2009 - 22:19:54 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
This was an interesting investigation with artefacts brought in whose origins were not from Portsmouth but far away lands of Africa. Each treasure had a fascinating story. One that I will remember is the material worn in their country nationally, its pattern had meaning, the colour and shapes were a story woven into its very fabric this can be seen on the Kente clothe contributed - archive no:00168.

Sally and I set the investigation up in a room on loan from Portsmouth Grammar School, where the Africans Women's Forum also meet for their monthly meetings.

The artefact's contributions included sculptures, clothes and even modeled by one lady was the Ethiopian National dress, she looked stunning.

The women's stories lifted me to places that I had never experienced but with their vivid detail, I feel like i have visited. This investigation has given 'Treasure Island' some rich archive and valuable contributions revealing an evolving social history making this city richer in its historic inheritance.

  • With Mabel at the sampling session:

  • Ayelach looking stunning wearing her Ethiopian national dress:

  • Selecting samples and investigation details with Joy:

  • Mabel generously cutting off a very large sample for me!:


  • Kente Clothe - Archive 00168:



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