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05 Mar 2009 - 17:59:34 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Jon Cuthill from the BBC is making a documentary on Treasure Island: A Forensic investigation of a City. He has already been to visit me at my studio to film me giving an initial introduction to 'Treasure Island'. It took a while to get used to a camera being around, I don't think that I am the next Kate Winslet but miracles can happen! I felt a bit more comfortable by the end of the first session of filming maybe I could get into it!!

Yesterday Jon came to film at Paulsgrove community center where my last community sampling session was taking place. He filmed myself with the 'Treasure Island' team; Sally Taylor assistant, Paul Everitt photographer and on loan from Portsmouth City Museum John Stedman.

Jon followed a contribution session through, filming the investigations standard interview, where I ask questions about the artefact, finding out dates, names and historic events surrounding it. Sally types in all the information while I try my hardest to keep up with messy handwriting and terrible spellings on an interview form. The last part to be done is the taking of the minute sample that will later be analysed, this is placed in a bag and stapled to the form. The archive is then complete with archive number assigned. Jon then filmed Paul photographing the artefacts and the contributor holding the artefact.

The next filming will be done at The Mary Rose collection and a confocal laser microscope analysing session at Southampton General hospital.

  • Jon Cuthill from the BBC filming the investigation & sample collection:

  • Jon Cuthill from the BBC filming the investigation & sample collection:
  • Jon Cuthill & John Stedman inspecting 1952 wedding veil:

  • where filming took place at the studio, hung are 'Treasure Island' Limited edition prints & lightboxes:


  • Serans studio -"Treasure Island' limited edition prints:

  • Treasure Island prints of artworks, artefacts and memories:

  • artwork print:



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