Pompey FC 'Lucky Black Cat' 3rd April 2008

07 May 2008 - 20:23:22 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
The investigation has now made good ground at Pompey Football Club! Many of the clubs artefacts were photographed, histories recorded and archives created for Treasure Island with club historian Richard Owen. The collection spans a 100 years of the clubs existence. Richard’s knowledge of the clubs football history was supreme, he had dates and exact goals scored for each of Pompeys historic football events, all at hand in his mind when needed! John Stedman historian from the Portsmouth City Museum also popped in, bringing in some memorabilia that they own from their collection, for the clubs evening event; its 110th anniversary celebrations. John now a veteran to my project, having been on many other of my investigations across the City, knew the ropes and where to select fibers from each artefact and was on the ball!

The day’s collection of the clubs history and memories went off to a good start. My most favorite being the lucky black cat, tied on to the front of the supporters bus in 1939 bringing good luck to Pompey in the FA Cup final at Wembley. They won!!

The day was an interesting one with the current goalkeeper David James popping his head in as I had photos taken of me holding their winning cups. I had borrowed these from the event they were setting up for the evening celebrations. Security was high and catering buzzing as we came to temporarily steal their artifacts and cups that were to be displayed for the event. We succeeded in documenting, photographing and taking forensic size fibers from artifacts, revealed were some real gems from the clubs history. The artefacts and cups were put back just in time for the superb display on show for the evening event.

Sally (my assistant) and myself carried the artefacts across the grounds to the main event to be put back on display. Whilst doing this I met Lucius who invited us to stay for the celebrations. We couldn’t refuse such an invitation and really enjoyed seeing the artefacts that we had got to know intimately earlier back on display, feeling wiser for knowing a bit more than most at the event about each exhibits story.

The evening celebrations were exclusive with M.P's, councilors, footballers, managers, and of course Harry Redknapp! Champagne went down a treat along with the nibbles! There were some good speeches, all looking forward to the up and coming semi-final for the FA Cup , which they won!! I like to think that bringing out the 'Lucky Black Cat' again had something to do with it, I feel sure that Pompey can go all the way and win the final. Good Luck!

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