Recall film by Seran Kubisa Architectural Projections 13 October 2010

10 Oct 2010 - 13:23:47 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
You are warmly invited to attend the showing of Recall a film by Seran Kubisa at:

Portsmouth Cathedral on Friday October 23rd at 6.30pm

S t Thomas's Street, old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA

Recall invokes, memories stored in fragments of aged objects collected and investigated by the artist. Kubisa uses a high-tech scientific process to extract the artwork which then becomes an intrinsic part of the film reel and the trigger to the memory being re-leased through stills, film scenes, film archives and sound.

Recall this unique art film in which Kubisa collides the worlds of science, personal history and art to create startling visual images with reference to the film material - her innovative investigations including: ' Treasure Island: A Forensic investigation of a City'. Winner of the Arts Council & SEEDA Public Arts Award for innovation. All archives on this website.

This showing of Recall will be projected on to the fabric of the interior Cathedral in a dramatic moving image. The original score is by contemporary composers Stephen Tait and Robert Fage.

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