The Royal Naval Museum & Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem

28 Jan 2010 - 17:57:13 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Richard Noyce curator of the Royal Naval museum showed me around the collection in the stores. The stores were shrouded in darkness and every drawer that was pulled out revealed a moment in time with each sighting of these unique artefacts giving me an understanding of some key historic events. It felt like all of history was locked inside there, it was a treasure trove. Richard helped to unlock this collection allowing me to intimately examine many artefacts dating back to 550 years of Naval history including HMS Invincible's shipwrecked cannons and barrels, HMS Victory sail, Captain Scotts expedition sledge, but the real gem for me was Lady Hamilton's dress hem embroidered in honor of Lord Nelson. The hem in silk and gold threads and sequins embroidered with her lovers name is a incredible a labor of love - truly beautiful. She had worn it with his name 'NELSON' embroidered on the dress in public to a formal dinner party. It has really got me thinking about their relationship. Finding this made me know that she really loved him deeply, a real love story. Later when I came to analyse the silk thread taken from the back of the hem, the microscopic structure revealed flowing threads and an entwined piece. I felt the love in the material and produced one of my favorite artworks a stunning image!!

  • Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem:

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