TWiki Administrator User

The TWiki Admin User has been added to TWiki 4.2.0 to make it possible to login without needing to create a TWiki User, or to temporarily login as TWiki Admin User, and then log back out to the same User and Group as before.

This means it is no longer necessary to add yourself to the TWiki Admin Group, and you will be able to quicky change to Admin (and back to your user) only when you need to.

  • If your TWiki is configured to use ApacheLogin, you first need to log in as a normal registered user
  • Login as the internal TWiki administrator using the internal admin login (use the username already suggested and the password set in configure).
  • to logout from Administrator, click the Logout link.


  • Security Setup : Sessions : {UserClientSession} needs to be enabled in configure
  • a configure password (otherwise the Admin login is automatically disabled.)
  • If your TWiki is configured to use ApacheLoginManager, you will need to log in as a valid user first.

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ALERT! NOTE: If you lock yourself out of TWikiAdminUser during setup activities or have forgotten the configure password, you can unset the configure password by editing the lib/LocalSite.cfg file and deleting the line that starts with $TWiki::cfg{Password} and then set it again by saving your settings in configure.

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