The Tricorn - Archive No 00097


1970's Photograph showing Tricorn Carpark and market in Charlotte Street

Contributor: Olive Hann

Collection Date: 22.2.08 1.35pm

Olive's memories were of her husband 'George Drain', who took the photo from the top of the cinema. He used to work at the Classic cinema (Commercial Rd) for 34yrs as chief projectionist. " The photo makes me think of how Charlotte Street should be. I feel that having the market was really good. It also reminds me of my husband."

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03 Apr 2008 - 14:12:20 by Seran Kubisa in Memories of Portsmouth


Mark Pickles - 24 Feb 2009:

The tricorn apeard to die slowly as if from cancer or some other terminal illness.

Peter Smith - 01 Mar 2009:

Peter Smith - 01 Mar 2009:

I remember how thin the concrete walls seemed to be on the staircases. I also remember seeing that stalactites had started to form where the rain had formed drips on the exterior concrete walls.

Joyce Rimell - 05 Mar 2009:

I used to come over from France and stay in Portsmouth when visiting my daughter. I remember going to the Tricorn to visit the Chinese shop. It all seemed a bit surreal the buildings architecture and mix of shops amongst the concrete!


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