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Portsmouth Cathedral Installation 'Sacred Eight' & 'Collecting Memories'

'Treasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a City'

There were three sections to the exhibition – one to give the viewer an insight into the investigations so far – artefacts, archive forms and locations visited, a series of 'Prints' of artworks; the Collecting Memories light-boxes with an interactive aspect for visitors to collect their memories, the exhibition Sacred Eight’ an installation of tombs dedicated to some of the most profound archives recorded.

There were 2 events for projected artworks onto the interior architecture.

'Sacred Eight'

The installation responded to eight of the most personally significant archives investigated. Kubisa made eight tombs of her own body size that were displayed within this sacred site, emphasising the profound impact that the memories and associations from the investigation's have had on her own consciousness; remaining with her until her own death. Microscopic structures with inspiration from the archives are recreated in each tomb. The selected archives for each re-creation follow the themes in life of deep love, travel, remembrance, hidden love, death and luck. These large-scale tombs were inspired and link up to the Cathedral's architecture and symbolism, using lighting, Perspex, gold & silver leaf and innovative materials on steel light box systems.

Tomb 1 - Travel

Archive No 00059 Chinese / English Dictionary 1904

Used everyday for a 100 years this dictionary was still used by the Chinese lady. Before it was her father's and had travelled with him across China, Singapore, Hong Kong and then to Portsmouth! This tomb symbolises travel, emigration and new experience and cultural influence.

Tomb 2 - Deep Love

Archive No 00067 Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem 1803

Upon seeing this in the Royal Naval Museum store, the dress hem embroided by Lady Hamilton with the words 'Nelson' with its exquisite detail and dedication, worn publicly in honor of Lord Nelson made Kubisa realize that Lady Hamilton had a deep, uncontrollable love for Nelson. The tomb reflects on this deep love and passion.

Tomb 3 - Luck

Archive No 00118 Lucky Black Cat 1939

The Lucky Black Cat was tied onto the Pompey football clubs supporters' bus in 1939 on the way to the final at Wembley. They won! It is a reflection on the power of believe and focus that something symbolic can bring.

Tomb 4 - Death

Archive No 00152 Pair of Shoes 1545

The 100's of pairs of shoes from the Mary Rose with detail of the shape of the mens' feet was a stark remainder of the lives these men had and the death that was sadly to befall them. This tomb is dedicated to those who died, leaving us with a prominent reminder of their lives through this magnificent collection. The colours used follow the microscopic image in that there was a lot of dark clutter in the image with bits of strong coloured fluorescence.

Tomb 5 - Smell to Remember

Archive No 00099 Father's Mitten 1950s

The lady who contributed this artefact had kept her father's mitten after his passing to smell when she missed him, as this triggered off her memory of him. Kubisa is fascinated by this flash-like recall that smell can trigger in our memory where upon our experience of past significant events becomes clear.

Tomb 6 - Love Unexpressed

Archive No 00104 Birthday Card 1938

The Birthday Card was written by the contibutor's father who was unable to express his love to her mother and herself when he was alive. When she came across the Birthday Card and read its message to her Mother, she realised that he had always had a hidden love for her Mother and herself.

Tomb 7 - Generations

Archive No 00101 Summer Holidays Photograph 1961

Dedicated to all the family photographs contributed during this investigation which allow memories to be shared through generations. Kubisa used the analysed photograph's microscopic structure and colour for the tomb composistion with her own family photographs displayed. It is also dedicated to her own family.

Tomb 8 - Remember Me

Archive No 00115 Diary 1940

This Second World War diary was full of detail, feelings and events. The man whose diary it was served in the army and as well as difficult situations recorded, memories and references to 'good times' seemed to allow hope. Writing and thinking can become a powerful tool and means to escape posostively when times are difficult or extreme.

Architectural Projections of all Artworks


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